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Beam Monitor Group,
Accelerator Laboratory,
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

Research Tasks

  1. Development of Bunch by Bunch Feedback Systems for KEKB Accelerators.
  2. Study of beam instabilities.
List of published papers (PDF files)


In a storage ring which stores many bunches at high beam current, especially in particle-factory machines, such as KEKB, it is very likely that many strong coupled-bunch instabilities occur in both the transverse and longitudinal planes. Reduction of the impedances in the ring is essential to suppress the instabilities. However, we have observed strong transverse coupled-bunch instabilities in both rings of KEKB. How we suppress and analyze the instabilities holds the key to achieving the designed qualities of the accelerators.
To cure these instabilities, we are now operating beam feedback systems with a bunch-by-bunch scheme. My main theme of study is to develop, improve and maintain the feedback systems. Also I am working to develop the monitor systems to analyse unknown beam instabilities.

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